3D/4D Ultrasound   $90

Ultrasound technology gives you the ability to   see a visual image of your child in the womb and allows your healthcare provider to track the overall health and growth of your child. During the Ultrasound you have the option to learn the gender of your child and hear his/her heartbeat. Ultrasounds can be booked once you are at least 13 weeks pregnant if you already know the gender from the Early Gender blood test. If you have not had the early gender blood test, you have to be at least 16 weeks to book your ultrasound and find out the gender of your precious baby.

Find out how far along you are by using this special online tool!


Early Gender Determination as early as 9 weeks $129

There’s nothing that can quite compare to the moment that you that you realize you’re pregnant. Preparing to become a new mom can be both exciting and overwhelming. Start planning early by learning the gender of your baby through DNA testing  as early as 9 weeks pregnant. From battling morning sickness and getting comfortable with your ever-changing body to preparing your home and life for the new arrival we're here every step of the way to help you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. From Prenatal Massage to early gender determination, Peek of Joy 3D is dedicated to helping you create a memorable and worry-free pregnancy. 

Find out how far along you are by using this special online tool!


Prenatal Massage $80

It is often said that becoming a parent doesn't come with an instruction manual and while that may be true, Peek of Joy 3D offers CPR training designed to prepare you with lifesaving skills . We all hope we'll never be put in the position of having to save a baby's life, but it could happen. Babies can and do choke on food and toys, slip under the water in the tub or a pool, and get caught in drawstrings and curtain cords.  Set aside a few hours to take an infant and child CPR course to learn and practice the proper techniques needed to perform in an emergency.



Welcome To Motherhood

From exciting and highly anticipated gender reveals to prenatal massages designed to ease the tension pregnancy can bring Peek of Joy is committed to creating a nurturing, safe place where you can find support and resources needed during this most magnificent time.


"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had."

— Linda Wooten

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Relieve Discomfort and Relax

It’s no secret that pregnancy can cause stress on your body which oftentimes results in back pain, stiffness, leg cramps and edema. Reduce the stress and discomfort by experiencing the benefits of prenatal massage. Administered by one of our amazing licensed massage therapists, you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed after your session.