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Pregnant belly

Absolutely incredible... they worked with us on trying to surprise everyone with my sisters pregnancy and the tech came early to help us so we could do the rest of our plans! The owner is absolutely amazing and awesome. Family that came from out of town absolutely loved the experience!

— -Morgan Dorrion


Becoming a mother is easily one of the most exciting and memorable times of your life. During this time it’s imperative that you not only take care of yourself and prepare your family for the birth of a new child but it's important to take moments to pamper yourself and enjoy all the beautiful moments of pregnancy.

Created to provide expectant mothers and their families access to prenatal services in a safe, comfortable and vibrant space; Peek of Joy 3D is a local,  family run business rooted deep in medical and community service. Co-Owned by 3 generations of Doctors, Registered Nurses and Public Servants (Dr. Crystal Crewe, Arleigh Hatcher, RN, SGM Jimmy Tatum)  and inspired by the family matriarch Carolyn (also a Registered Nurse). Peek of Joy 3D is rooted in excellence and the commitment to providing meaningful services to expectant mothers.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to share your pregnancy with us and we can’t wait to help you create some of  the lasting memories that you will forever cherish as a parent.  

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